Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Smiling Dancers

Alexey Popov

Friedemann Vogel

Artem Ovcharenko (born 31 December 1986, Dnepropetrovsk, USSR) - principal dancer, Bolshoi Theater

Happy New Year!

Marines, South Pacific, 1943

US Army, Italy, 1944

Art Carney

Happy New Year!

Vincent-Émile Feugère des Forts (1825 - 1899), Death of Abel, c. 1855

Wilhelm Lehmbruck (German, 1881–1919), Der Gestürzte [The fallen], 1915

Tamotsu Yato (~1928 - May 1973), a photographer working in Japan from the mid-60s to the early 70s & a friend and collaborator of the writer Yukio Mishima

Palle Storm (Danish, 1910-1994), Drinking Boy

Emile Jean-Baptiste Bin (1825 – 1897, French), L’Illyssos, 1867

George O. W. Apperley (born 1884, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England; died in Tangier, 1960), My Son George, 1942

Bernd Streiter (1962, born in Havelberg, grew up in Perleberg), Faun im Raureif [Faun in hoarfrost]

Mr. Tambourine Man



Happy New Year!

These two singing couples decided to swing in a special way one New Year's Eve.


"Kiss me."

Nice vest.

Hanging out with the guys.


Isaac Grünewald (Swedish, 1889-1946), Yngling [Young man]. Ink on paper, 34 x 21 cm.

Scott Speedman

Tom of Finland

I'm sure he looks lovely in that.

Square dancing class at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1942.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Two fourteen-year-old boys find what they think is an abandoned boat on a deserted river island near their homes in Arkansas, but it turns out the island is actually the hideout of a mysterious man. The man asks the boys for help. He needs food and a list of items so that he can repair the boat and escape. During the course of their adventure, the boys discover that love is not always enough, adults don’t always tell the truth and the law is sometimes wrong. As a result, they can either head into adulthood as bitter cynics or they can choose to care for people despite their flaws. I think if Dickens were alive today, he’d write stories like Mud.


No need to cover up.

Frantasizing about you...

Cute Couple

3D Gay Porn

Sunday, December 29, 2013


For when you want serviced all the way around.

The long-suffering fashion model.


For the fur lovers.

by Philip Gladstone

by Peter Samuelson

Campus Tramp

My prom date.

I wanna be a cowboy.

Sexy Smile

On top of the world.

Make your own...