Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 East Coast of the U.S. Love and kisses.

Some guys just know how to have fun.

Happy New Year!

"You okay? You kinda fell on your butt before I had a chance to give you your New Year's kiss."

 "I'm so drunk, I probably won't remember any of this tomorrow."

 "That's what they all say. Come on now, get up so I can kiss you."

Happy New Year!

A gay couple dancing at the Chelsea Arts New Year's Eve Ball. Photograph by Tony Linck. London, January 1947.

"Hey, buddy, I'll share my umbrella with you if you invite me home to welcome in the new year."

Happy New Year

Ella Fitzgerald Sings "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

Happy New Year!

From Latter Days (2003).

Happy New Year!

Wonder what they're going to measure.

Happy New Year!

Mario Lopez got a nifty new pair of sweats and a can of Ajax for appearing on Ellen.


"Care for some Ritz crackers to go with your trick?"

The Big Chair

Maryland trolley company halts wedding rides after gay marriage law

Maryland trolley company halts wedding rides after gay marriage law

2012 In 4 Minutes

Sydney australia Fireworks 2013 new years eve

NOM's Final Money Beg For 2012 | Brian Brown pretends that most of NOM's money doesn't come from a handful of secret donors

NOM's Final Money Beg For 2012

Same-Sex Weddings Will Begin At Midnight Tonight In Maryland

Same-Sex Weddings Will Begin At Midnight Tonight In Maryland: When the clock strikes midnight tonight, it will mark more than simply the start of a new year for some couples in Maryland — it’s also when Maryland’s new marriage equality law officially takes effect. Some same-sex weddings are already planned for the first moments of 2013. Since New Year’s Day is a government holiday...

“Hey, guys, let’s play some stylized basketball. It’s very avant-garde.”

I wish I was spending New Year's Eve with pantless Eric. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Power Bottoms For Jesus

I didn't "walk away" from anything.

As someone who doesn’t go to church or claim to be a member of any particular denomination or religion, I find the whole idea that I’ve “walked away” from anyone’s god to be more than a little precious. I didn’t walk away from anything. I recognized truth is larger than anyone’s dogma, and I don’t want to cut myself off from what I might learn today and in the future by pretending I already know everything I need to know.

I'd let him wash my dishes anytime.

Go on and kiss him. Don't let this moment pass.

83-year-old Edith Windsor wants to live long enough to see her case win at the Supreme Court.

NY Plaintiff: Gay Benefits 'Bigger Than Marriage'

Keep Smiling

Damn Leo, why couldn't you have cuddled with me like that for five minutes? I'd still be glowing.